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Business Law

The Business Law practice at Yourkvitch & Dibo serves a wide range of business’ legal needs.

Creation of Business

We have helped clients with their choice of business entity and tax entity decisions, then continued to the creation of appropriate governance documents, whether for an LLC, a corporation, or a not-for-profit.


We have also moved entrepreneurs through the financing cycle, from pre-seed and seed financing to A, B, C and Mezzanine rounds.


We’ve also counseled businesses on LLC Membership, Partnership, and Shareholder issues.


Operation of Business

Many of our Clients come to us seeking counsel on Employment issues, including employment policies, employee manuals, and hiring practices. We have also created Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Compete Agreements, where needed.


Startups and established businesses alike benefit from our review of business operations. We can advise on compliance with regulatory matters, consumer laws, and contract language.


Clients purchasing or selling a business, or buying or selling major business assets, can benefit from our experience. We review sale documents, financing packages, and can manage the process.


Business Disputes

Yourkvitch & Dibo’s Civil Litigation team can assist with business disputes that may arise.

Early understanding of the issues can speed negotiations and settlement. Often, your attorneys at Yourkvitch & Dibo will be able to clarify and quantify the value of a dispute, which makes your position more clear to the other side. But if a resolution of the issues requires the intervention of the Courts, we’re ready.


Winding Up

Every business should, at the beginning, have a plan for the end. Whether it is an equity- moment exit, a retirement and succession plan, the unexpected loss of a central team member, or an intra-ownership dispute, we can help. Planning for the long-term is not a luxury. We can help you consider the long-range game plan of your business, integrate it with your own Estate Planning, and leave you well-prepared for the future.


General Counsel Services

Some businesses retain Yourkvitch & Dibo as outside General Counsel. This is an especially valuable relationship that keeps a firm better-integrated with its legal counsel. We act as your legal department, making ourselves available so that you can seek our advice early and often. We want you to call with that small, simple question … because sometimes, not asking can lead to serious consequences for your business.


Our firm’s experience includes:


  • Creating a succession plan for a $15 million dollar manufacturing concern.

  • Representation of a Women Owned contracting firm in reorganizing and amending its

        corporate governance documents.

  • Litigation of a large Residential Construction lawsuit, including allegations of Consumer Protection violations, to settlement.

  • Representation of a physicians practice in its sale to a large multi-state healthcare concern.

  • Creation of multiple business entities for a university’s entrepreneurship development program’s annual contest.

  • Representation of the buyer of a nationally-franchised senior care business.

  • Mediating a dispute between members of an LLC regarding one member’s exit from the

        firm, including integration of the accountant’s recommendations and tax consequences.

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