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Estate Planning & Probate

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How We can Help:

Building one's life, family, career, savings, home, and community is a full-time job. Taking a moment from this to reflect on where you are, where you've been, and where you're going is part of your Estate Planning consultation with Yourkvitch & Dibo.

Because every person and family is different, we take a highly individualized approach to Estate Planning. We start by thoroughly getting to know you-not just the facts, but your attitudes, feelings, and beliefs. Only then may we suggest methods by which you can protect yourself, your family, your business, and your legacy.

Much of Estate Planning revolves around documents. But a natural result of our process is a learning experience, which not only helps you understand what we're doing for you and why, but will help you know when to reach out for help in the future.

The end result of Estate Planning with Yourkvitch & Dibo is that you know you're prepared.

For anything.

Creation of Estate Planning documents, including Last Will & Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Living Will.

Creation of non-Probate methods of asset transfer to a surviving spouse, the next generation of your family, or as part of charitable planning.

Planning for a Children's Trust to manage the upbringing and education of minor children should they lose their parents.

Creation of documents for College-Bound children, to maximize parents' ability to aid and assist their minor or adult children in the face of HIPAA and other state privacy laws that can insert a legal and bureaucratic wedge into the familial relationship.

Coordination of Estate Planning with Business Succession Planning, an oft-overlooked consultation that can cause drastic effects at home, or at work, for the unprepared.

Personal service including visits to home, hospital, or nursing facility to accommodate clients for whom travel is difficult.

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