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Takeaways from Today's COVID-19 Press Conference

Today, at his regular COVID-19 Press Conference, Governor DeWine took a question regarding whether the “Stay-at-Home” order would be extended beyond the current expiration date of Friday, May 1st at 11:59 PM.  Earlier this week the Governor rolled out the Responsible RestartOhio plan, which re-opens the economy in stages over time.  Many are excited at this attempt to return to business as usual.  However, the Governor’s answer today provides a slightly different take on this reopening.  He indicated that the Stay-at-Home order would be extended, but subject to the exceptions previously detailed.  That is, Stay-at-Home will remain the law of the land, but business, governmental, and other activities defined in the Responsible RestartOhio plan will be exceptions to and exempted from Stay-at-Home.  The Governor said more details will come tomorrow.

Also in today’s press conference, the Governor took a question regarding a business that, under the terms of Responsible RestartOhio may not open yet, but which fits the definition in name only—and not in any way related to its ability to maintain social distancing, group sizing, and contactless transactions, among other preventative health measures.  The Governor acknowledged that there will be some businesses not easily classifiable, but that the classes of businesses outlined in Responsible RestartOhio were carefully considered and the standards will remain.  He did acknowledge that his staff is aware of these in-between situations, and that the issues would be addressed as we move forward.  We advise our clients to study the guidelines of Responsible RestartOhio carefully, and to contact us for clarification.

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